Top 10 Best Bamboo Rugs in 2023 Reviews

Rugs are known to add a little style to the floor and make your home look adorable. Bamboo rugs are known to be the best alternative in the natural floor covering. These rugs are considered to be the perfect choice of high traffic areas of your home since they are durable. Most importantly, these rugs will offer you outstanding quality at affordable prices. However, these rugs are available in a wide range of styles and shapes in the market.

With the available options of size and color of rugs it is easy for you to make a choice of rug that greatly blends with your home décor. Besides, you have a choice of acquiring between the synthetic and natural fiber as they are of affordable prices. A rug may also be of importance in reducing noise levels in a space with hard wood or any hard floor surface. That said, we came up with a list of top best bamboo rugs that you opt for as far as this year is concerned. The article is to help you make the right choice rug that will suit your home. If you are not sure of you are looking for here are some of the consideration:


List Of Best Bamboo Rug Reviews in 2023:

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#10. InterDesign Bamboo Rug Kitchen or Office

InterDesign Bamboo Floor Runner-Ideal Mat for Hallways

By: InterDesign Bamboo Rugs

Starting in the review is this product by InterDesign that is designed to provide solutions for everyday living space. The brand offers a wide array of bath accessories and collections for the home. I mean this product comes from sleek, modern and trendy look to any bathroom space. Again, this is the perfect choice of product for your hallway décor. It creates an amazing atmosphere in offices and entryways. Additionally, it is ideal for the floor protection it is coated with a durable bamboo product.

If you are in high traffic areas, then this is the ideal product for you to consider using in preserving woods or tiles. Moreover, the rug is designed with a highly renewable bamboo that is of natural color to fit perfectly with your home décor. This particular bamboo rug comes I multiple of colors, therefore, enabling you to make a choice depending with your taste. Besides, it is crafted from the most leading brand that is known to produce elegant and affordable home products.

reasons I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • It gives a sized slip and slides for in front of your shower.
  • It is very laminated.

#9. Interdesign 8123 Bamboo Floor Mat – Best Bamboo Rugs

Interdesign 8123 Bamboo Floor Mat

By: interdesign Bamboo Rugs

This is yet another product by interdesign that poos out in the list but this time taking position 9. This is the best mat for use in your kitchen, hallways, bathrooms or offices. Sure, with this product your home will have a beautiful and elegant look. The bamboo mat is designed to last for an extended period without wearing out. Again, this amazing product is coated and crafted from highly renewable bamboo material.

Some of the features that make this particular product preferable by many are that it is made with non-slip design. The skid resistant design of this bamboo mat enables it to hold firm in place. If you are after quality and durability then here is the right product for you. Sure, this product when purchased comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Meaning, if you purchase and find out that it does not satisfy you, then you are entitled to money back guarantee.

Again, you can opt to take another choice of the bamboo mat that is if you still want to maintain the natural style of your home. Amazingly, this bamboo floor mat is safeguarded with a warranty duration of 90 days. I mean, this amazing product is built from the most leading brand in producing wonderful and affordable home products.

reasons I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • The product weighs 2.03 pounds.
  • It is designed for longevity, and it measures 21”×48”.

#8. Giantex 60”×96” Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural

Giantex 60”×96” Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural Bamboo Wood Indoor Outdoor

By: Giantex Bamboo Rugs

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Giantex is known in designing bamboo rugs that are ideal when it comes to quality and design. Sure, this bamboo rug is crafted with eco-friendly and durable materials. This will ensure that the mat lasts an extended period of use without having any thought of replacement. Additionally, the four sides of this great product are covered with high-quality fabric cloth. This is to ensure that your feet are safe and protected from being scratched.

If you are looking for a multipurpose product, then Giantex bamboo rug is the best choice to go with. The bamboo floor carpet is designed in a perfect way that enables it to serve well in both indoor and outdoor activities. Besides, this floor mate adds an extra style to your bathroom, kitchen, and living rooms. Again, with the use of this product in your home your family will be guaranteed aesthetical pleasure throughout.

This is an easy to maintain bamboo floor mat for it is designed with water-resistant stain to safeguard it from unexpected spills. Furthermore, with the smooth coated surface, it is easy to clean and tidy this bamboo floor mat. This product is made with a lightweight design, therefore, it is easy and convenient for you to carry to any place of your choice. Lastly, Giantex has manufactured a great floor mat that can be rolled up for storage hence saving space.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • It is designed in a way that it is wide enough to fully fit the area you need it for.
  • It is featured with an anti-skid bottom that holds it firm in place.

#7. InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat/Bamboo Rug

InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat

By: InterDesign Bamboo Rugs

This product yet again by InterDesign pops out in the list, but this time it scoops the 7th position. This is the best floor mat that will guarantee you the best experience ever. For instance, this product is the best choice you can consider using in in your bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Sure, it is a fantastic accent for simple and amazing bathroom décor.

This mat is designed with a soft and simple fabric that guarantees you maximum smoothness when you step out of the shower. Unlike many other floor mats, this particular choice by InterDesign is made with a water-resistant design. This prevents water from spreading over your bathroom floor hence maintaining a dry and convenient floor. Most important, this mat will add a natural touch to any décor style in your home. This is a dark in color bamboo mat that can be used anywhere in your home.

Another amazing thing about this product is that it is featured with a fabric boarder that prevents damage. Of course, this product is 100% satisfaction guarantee building up confidence on the brand. I mean, when you purchase this product you will receive a warranty duration of 90-day limited.

Extra reasons why I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • It weighs 2.6 pounds.
  • It is very nice and durable.

#6. Best Choice Products Bamboo Area Rug Carpet

Best Choice Products Bamboo Area Rug Carpet


This review cannot be complete without looking at this bamboo rug carpet by BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS. This bamboo rug has been crafted with a simple and trendy look to give your home an amazing look. Besides, it comes in different styles that will perfectly match your tasteful and comfortable lifestyle. If you are looking for the mat for indoor use, then this is the best choice to go for.

Sure, it is made from one of the toughest material. Therefore, it will last you for long use without thinking of a replacement. Again, it features a cotton-twill to ensure that you get a soft and excellent feel. Another thing that makes this product the ideal choice for many customers is that it is durable and easy to clean. That is, it is designed with a water-resistant technique to ensure that it keeps away stains.

This is a handcrafted bamboo mat that is of high quality, unlike many other models. Invest in this particular bamboo mat, and you will have great experience all through. Moreover, who doesn’t want and contemporary look? This bamboo mat will guarantee your home a pleasant place to be as it suits any décor. Finally, it is made in a way that it is non-slip to keep it in place.

reasons I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • It measures 5”×8,” and no assembly is required.
  • It is very handy and available at affordable price.

#5. 5”×8” Contemporary Natural Bamboo Rug

5”×8” Contemporary Natural Bamboo Rug

By: Anji Mountain Bamboo Rugs

Halfway in the list is the bamboo rug by Anji Mountain. This rug is made from sustainable and renewable materials. Additionally, this is a high-quality product that creates texture and enhances the style of a space. This amazing product will create a conducive and comfortable environment for your family and environment. The natural fiber rug will add a touch of elegance to any space in your home. Again, it is made from the finest quality and will last you for an extended period with a lot of durabilities.

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The product features a light brown finish with its boarder coated black. Unlike many bamboo mats, this choice of product is featured with mitered cotton that is crafted on the borders. The mitered cotton ensure that the rug gets a natural, clean and simple style. Why will this product be the best choice for you? It is easy to clean and maintain. That is, you need to clean the surface using a damp, clean cloth that wipes out duct and leaves it clean.

This is an ideal choice of bamboo rug that will perfectly both for indoor and outdoor activities. The smooth finish of the rug ensures that your feet get the soft feel while out of a bath or entering your home. Lastly, Anji Mountain offers a variety of intriguing design and amazing colors for you to choose from depending on your taste.

reasons I picked Best Bamboo Rugs:
  • The rug features an assembled length of 6 inches, assembled height of 6 inches and assembled width of 62 inches.
  • It weighs 15.8 pounds.

#4. Venice Natural Bamboo Floor Mat Bamboo Area Rug Indoor Outdoor

Venice Natural Bamboo Floor Mat Bamboo Area Rug Indoor Outdoor

By: Venice Bamboo Rugs

Coming in at number 4 is the wonderful product that is manufactured by Venice. This bamboo floor mat is crafted with a unique and simple design that makes it ideal for your home. It features non-toxic and eco-friendly materials that make it friendly for use for both indoor and outdoor activities. Again, it is made with a natural Kiln-dried Bamboo Construction together with the wide- polyester border. You don’t need to purchase a separate rug to meet your needs. Sure, this model of a bamboo rug will save that expense.

It is made with no-skid design construction at the back to ensure that it stays in place without slipping. Of course, this is an easy to clean bamboo rug that requires minimal maintenance. Another unique thing about this amazing product is that it is elegant and functional in many ways. The rug is perfect for use almost everywhere in your home.

That is, it can suit your kitchen, living area, and hallway. The hand finishing technique of this bamboo rug makes it of the best quality and durable for long. Worry no more with the bamboo rug from Venice you are guaranteed efficiency, quality, and elegance. To conclude, this product comes in multiple colors for you to choose from depending on which will compliment your home.

Why you should get one:
  • It has a thickness of 1/8 approximately.
  • It weighs 2 pounds and wipes clean.

#3. Pillowtex Bamboo Mat 30×50 Natural

Pillowtex Bamboo Mat 30×50 Natural

By: Pillowtex Bamboo Rugs

If you are looking for a product that will last you an extended period then lo,ok no further. Pillowtex bamboo mat is the solution to your worries. The mat is designed to bring an extra style and elegance to your bathroom, living rooms, and kitchen. Most important, this natural bamboo mat is ideal for use for both indoor and outdoor activities. You do not need a bamboo mat that will constantly slide in the room for it is not safe.

That said, this mat is made with a grippy non-slip design to prevent it from sliding all over the room. For safety measures, this product is made in a way that it is water resistant to protect it from any unnecessary spills. The material used in crafting this mat is environmentally friendly and adds value to the mat. And, when you purchase this natural bamboo rug, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I mean, there is an alternative for another product or full refund of money if you find out that it does not meet your needs.

If you are after investing in bamboo mats, then this model will be the best to go with. What a great thing to know that Pillowtex is determined to produce mats of good quality and stand by their products. Besides, the bamboo mat comes with a warranty duration of 3 years against any manufacturing defects.

Why you should get one:
  • It measures 30.5 ×5× 4.5.
  • It weighs 3.24 pounds.

#2. Bamboo Floor Rug-Item #89-135D

Bamboo Floor Rug-Item #89-135D

By: GinsonWare Bamboo Rugs

This is one of the best mats that we have in the market as far as this year is concerned. I mean, it is not one of those cheap models for it is designed to last for an extended period. Additionally, it comes in different styles and designs, therefore, you can choose depending on your taste or that suits your home. For this great model, it is carbonized with a natural brown color that brings elegance to your home. Another thing, you cannot compromise on the quality of this product.

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It is designed with good quality materials that make it durable. So, if you want a bamboo mat that will last you decades, then this is it. This is a universal type of mat that is ideal for use both for indoor and outdoor activities. I mean, with this particular product a touch of elegance and oriental flair will be added to your bathroom, bedroom, living room and kitchen.

Of course, it is made from environmentally friendly materials featuring woven strips in the width of the rug. The mat has been crafted using a complex weaving technique to perfectly suit your home needs. Unlike many other bamboo mats, this model is bordered in each side by the use of polyester cloth.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It is bucked with a non-slip surface.
  • It weighs 4.2 pounds.

#1. Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural Bamboo Wood Indoor Outdoor

Bamboo Area Rug Floor Carpet Natural Bamboo Wood Indoor Outdoor

By: hello world 1 Bamboo Rugs

This is yet another strong, durable, and reliable product that I recommend for you to invest in. The bamboo rug by hello world 1 scoops the 1st position in the list with its trendy and elegant looks. This is one of the best products that you will in the market. Additionally, it is made from a durable natural bamboo that will see it last for an extended period. Furthermore, the mat is crafted with wide enough slats that are coated with a brown boarder.

This would be the best model for you to consider investing in for it features a stain resistant surface. Sure, this is an easy to clean product that wipes clean by the use of damp cloth. You don’t need to purchase extra expensive Rug pad while you this particular model will fully solve your problems. It features a pre-Applied ventilated and non-slip design that makes it steady and firm to stay in place. Also, the fashionable design of the bamboo mat makes it ideal for use both indoor and outdoor activities.

This is a well-constructed rug that is thinner and made of very light color. Sure, this product is made from 100% natural bamboo wood giving your home a pleasant and amazing look. Lastly, this is a comfortable lifestyle product that you should consider buying in your home.

More reasons why it’s a good buy:
  • It weighs about 10.6 lbs.
  • It is affordable and measures 5×8.

Factors to consider when buying bamboo rugs:

Density: this is an important consideration to help you get the right rug for your home décor. I mean. You should opt for those rugs that have a good combination for both fiber and density. When the rug is denser with closer stitches the better it will wear. Always consider this factor before picking on any model.

Color: the color of the rug you intend to buy is also a key consideration. Sure light colored rugs are known to make a room look larger while a deeper color lends coziness to a room. Make a choice of color that you feel will be able to match your home décor and suit you well.

Size: before purchasing any type of model you should have in mind the amount of space available for your home. As a buyer, you should always avoid purchasing those rugs that are too small. Go for the medium-sized rugs so that it can be able to compliment your upholstery.

Material: why is the material of the rug more important? This is because the material will determine the durability of the rug. That said, you should know that wool, cotton, silk and other natural materials are so much stronger than synthetics. Again, the naturally made material rugs will last for an extended period.

Cost: this again is an as important consideration as the price of the product you intend to buy should be acceptable for the quality you be getting. Be keen on some of the discounts that appear to be too good to be true. Sure, this may guarantee you rugs of poor quality but if you need a rug that is durable and of good quality, you need to spend a little more on your budget.

Why you need bamboo rugs?

Eco-friendly and sustainable: bamboo is an eco-friendly renewable hardwood that is Forest Stewardship Council certified.
Strong and durable: bamboo is a strong flooring material, and it is twice as hard as oak. This makes it the preferable both commercial and domestic use product.

Final thoughts

This review features some of the top best models available in the market. If you are looking forward to investing in bamboo mats, then get an option from this review. Don’t hesitate to bring one home now.

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