Top 16 Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts in 2023 Reviews

The leading cause of accidents on the road is phone distractions. This will happen even to the most experienced driver. it may be a call, a text, or a message. This is the main reason phone cradles are widely available to prevent and lessen this problem. You can purchase one that requires a simple installation and detachment to give you a comfortable use.

Most people use this accessory because they make life easier while on the road. For instance, driving on a bumpy road does not affect its performance as it eliminates shakes and vibrations. Also, you can complement your car’s interior look to look fancier and clean. In this review, we have the best cup holder phone mounts in 2023. Check Out Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Car


Bestseller Cup Holder Phone Mounts On Amazon:

SaleBestseller No. 6
WeatherTech CupFone Universal Cup Holder for Car Phone Mount Automobile Cradle Compatible with iPhone and Cell Phones
100% Designed, Engineered, and Manufactured in the USA by WeatherTech!; Designed using interchangeable base cups allowing you to customize the perfect snug fit.
$49.99 $42.95

List Of Best Cup Holder Phone Mount Reviews in 2023:

#16. Universal Smart Cup Holder Phone Mount

12. Car Phone Mount, Universal Smart Phone Cup Holder

  • By: LEXSO Cup Holder Phone Mounts

The Lexso holder improves a safe driving, whether navigating, talking, charging, or listening to music. You can view your phone either in portrait or landscape, thanks to 360-degree rotation. For your device to lay flat, tilt it 90 degrees.

Its broad compatibility with an adjustable grip fits iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and other cellphones between 1.97 -3.62 inches. Press the quick-release button to slide open and remove your cell. To clamp, press the arms gently to get a simple operation and save power and time. Once fitted, it stays in place and chances of it coming loose or sliding off are minimal.

Why We Recommend Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts:

  • It has broad compatibility
  • Wide rotation for portrait or landscape
  • Simple to use
  • Quick-release button
  • Easy to install.

#15. Cup Holder Phone Mount Leagway Magnetic Phone Cradle

11. Car Cup Holder, Leagway Magnetic Phone Cradle

  • By: Leagway Cup Holder Phone Mounts

With a strong magnetic mounting feature, this phone cradle is ideal for holding a cellphone securely. It diminishes bulk and at the same time offer you a discreet service because of a small-profile design for distraction-free driving. Its high compatibility with smartphones makes it a fave to most users.

You can use HTC One, Blackberry, Huawei, Motorola Moto Z3, and other devices to attach to this holder. This accessory has a steady adjustable base to offer a suitable fit in trucks, cars, and other vehicles. Also, mounting to your preferred orientation either vertically or horizontally, to give you a comfortable viewing.

Why We Recommend Cup Holder Phone Mounts:

  • Safe and effective
  • Has a lovely discreet design
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Quick installation
  • High compatibility.

#14. Belkin Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

10. Belkin Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

  • By: Belkin Cup Holder Phone Mounts

The Belkin mount offers a safe and straightforward way to keep different iPhone phones such as iPhone 6 and 6 + secure during a road trip. It rotates 360 degrees to provide easy viewing in multiple orientations as well as 90 degrees tilting for an upright or flat position. Featuring an expandable base, it accommodates most car cup holder designs and cable management to enhance a tangle-free connection. Place it anywhere quickly without using tape or adhesive for a straightforward installation.

Why We Recommend It:

  • It has a lovely and stylish finish
  • Facilitates safe driving
  • Adjustable base to fit most car cup, holders
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and durable.
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#13. Macally Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

9. Macally Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

  • By: Macally Cup Holder Phone Mounts

Macally phone mount supports large phones with a width between 1.77 and 4.1 inches. A single intuitive button releases your phone from the mount to give a seamless operation. Not only is it suitable for a beginner to understand but also to save time on the road. Made from durable material, it can hold the bulkiest cases safely with the firm feet and clamps. This eliminates slides and slips when driving on a bumpy road. With an 8-inch neck and a broad 360-degree rotation, it provides maximum flexibility to suits your preferred angle.

Why We Recommend It:

  • It has an 8-inch long neck
  • Adjustable firm grip
  • Quick and safe mounting
  • Simple to maintain
  • Sleek-looking.

#12. Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

8. Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

  • By: Lorima Cup Holder Phone Mounts

Another great car cup holder from Lorima that delivers a reliable service. It has an expandable base with a minimum diameter of 2.5inches and a maximum of 3.5inches, to offers a safe mounting for SUV, truck or car without using adhesive or suction.

That means you can set it up quickly and conveniently on multiple car surfaces. The included one button releases your smartphone in seconds to quicken the removal action. This item is flexible enough for any person to operate with a long gooseneck that reaches up to 12 inches and adjustable to suits your needs.

Why We Recommend Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts:

  • Simple to use
  • Offers maximum flexibility
  • Safe and convenient
  • Mounts without adhesive or tape
  • Inexpensive.

#11. Upgraded] TOPGO Universal Adjustable Cup Holder

7. Upgraded] TOPGO Universal Adjustable Cup Holder

  • By: TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mounts

The above blue cup holder looks good in any settings while providing additional beauty. This color standouts from the typical black finish to make you look stylish on the go. Its adjustable design fits different cup holders for a variety of cars for additional convenience. You don’t have to add extra accessories to make this unit stable, thanks to a sturdy gooseneck and stable base. The structure prevents vibrations and usually shakes experience with the low-quality products. Its two holding feet and a curved arm provide all-round phone protection.

Why We Recommend Cup Holder Phone Mounts:

  • Chic-looking
  • Simple to install
  • Strong and durable
  • It has an anti-slip surface
  • Provides a secure grip.

#10. TOPGO [Upgraded] Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

5. TOPGO [Upgraded] Best Cup Holder Phone Mount

  • By: TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mounts

If you want a cup holder phone cradle that looks good and at the same time give you exceptional service, you have found it. The Topgo has a user-friendly design to allow quick and safe assembly as the adjustable base fits in a cup holder securely for different vehicles. You can install it on an SUV, truck, van and other models in seconds.

Boasting of a flexible neck, that adjusts up to 8 inches, it makes operation smooth, especially during phone accessing. Also, you can set the height to achieve maximum use and comfort. Made with a weighted base and premium plastic, it secures the cup holder as the extended arms offer a longer length and wider depth.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Quick and safe installation
  • Provides maximum flexibility
  • Ideal gift
  • Suitable for all devices
  • Durable material.

#9. Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount

4. Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount

  • By: Macally Cup Holder Phone Mounts

This cup holder’s flexible grip fits different makes of iPhones, Samsung, Motorola, and other smartphones with a width between 1.77 and 4.1 inches. That means it has high compatibility with both new and old models. As a bonus, it holds the bulkiest cases by using the secure clamps and legs for maximum support to eliminate shakes and vibrations. Press the intuitive button to attach and detach your component quickly than the rest in the market.

Why We Recommend Best Cup Holder Phone Mount:

  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Simple to operate
  • Comes with strong clamps
  • Quality construction
  • Wide compatibility.

#8. Cellet PH650 Universal Car Cup Holder Mount

3. Cellet PH650 Universal Car Cup Holder Mount

  • By: Cellet Cup Holder Phone Mounts

We love this car cup holder cradle from a renown brand that can withstand excessive use. Constructed using the highest quality materials, you can use it confidently without worry of damage. The extra-long 10-inch arm is strong enough to deliver a flexible and robust position that meet your needs. Plus, its 360-degree rotation provides different orientations to prevents eye and neck strains while on the road. This accessory is a breeze to install as the adjustable base fits easily into a cup holder measuring between 2.86 to 3.47 inches.

Why We Recommend Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts:

  • Flexible, expandable arm
  • Offers a stable viewing
  • Increases driving safety
  • Soft grip backing
  • Extra-long gooseneck.

#7. WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder:

3. WeatherTech CupFone Cup Holder

This CupFone cup holder is alternatively known as a car phone mount. It is an automobile cradle that is broadly compatible with cell phones and iPhones. It is exceptionally designed with the help of interchangeable base cups that allows you to personalize the impeccable snug fit.

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What makes it standout is that this adjustable cup holder virtually fits all renowned mobile phones. Also, it can fit phones having standard sized protective cases. The included base enables your phone to swivel 360°. Therefore, your phone will be easily viewable from any position. An open access bottom allows you to effortlessly charge your mobile device when it is in place.

#6. Cup Holder Phone Holder, [No Shaking & Height-Adjustable Pole]:

4. Cup Holder Phone Holder

Other names of this phone holder are a car cup holder, phone mount, and cell phone cradle. It is highly suitable for Samsung phones, iPhones, and other smartphones. Total height is 15 inches that provides height-adjustable and stable viewing experience. A jointed pole facilitates all-round movement that further improves your vision as well as operability.

Being 360° rotatable, you can easily attain desired position either vertical or horizontal on this cup holder. Moreover, it ensures safe and enjoyable driving experience whether you are talking, listening to music, navigating, or charging. With the included double-layer expandable case, this phone holder is extremely suitable for 2.1”-4.7” diameter cup holder. D

#5. Miracase Long Neck Never Shake Car Cup Phone Holder:

5. Miracase Long Neck Never Shake Car Cup Phone Holder

This universal car cup base from Miracase serves as one of the latest cup holder models on the market. Its size can be easily adjusted from 2.3″ to 4.2″. Moreover, its length can be enlarged up to 9 inches as per your needs. Therefore, this phone holder perfectly fits on majority of car cup holder. There is no need for additional tools. You can obtain 3 packs of silicon slice to equip for the base extension support. In this way, it perfectly fits on a bigger cup holder.

The design showcases one-button release curved arm as well as extendable feet. This kind of design guarantees safe driving experience.

#4. Solid Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car Truck:

6. Solid Cup Holder Phone Mount for Car Truck

This durably built cup holder is designed with quick extension length arm. This arm facilitates ease of setup in any location. As per your needs, you can quickly rotate this cup holder in 360 degrees. The low-profile design does not occupy much space around. Due to universal compatibility, this phone holder can fit most types of phones including iPhones.

For installation, there is no need to use anymore screws or any do adjusting. Simply pull and push to vary the height. Therefore, it offers simple one-hand operation. Maximum height it can attain is 12.4 inches. There would be no blind sides. As per your needs, you can tilt, swivel, or adjust in different positions.

#3. bokilino Car Cup Holder Phone Mount:

7. bokilino Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

bokilino presents this universal cup holder designed with an adjustable gooseneck. It is basically a car mount or a cup holder cradle that is highly suitable for renowned phone models. It can perfectly fit most of the standard car cup holder; no need for extra tools. Its design features simple one-button release type curved arm along with enlarged feet. So, you relish safe and comfortable viewing experience.

There is no need to affix anything on your window or dash. All you need to do is place it in your cup holder and mount properly. One-touch quick release button offers ease of mounting.

#2. Macally Best cup holder phone mount

2. Macally Best cup holder phone mount

  • By: Macally Cup Holder Phone Mounts

Macally phone cup holder, has broad compatibility suitable for Apple iPhone, Samsung S9, LG, Nexus, Motorola Moto, Google Pixel 3, and other Smartphones. It comes with an adjustable firm grip base that accommodates latest cellphones with a width between 1.77 and 4.1 inches. Besides, you can install in a car, truck, SUV and other vehicles with the provided grips. For the perfect viewing free from discomforts, set the neck to your suitable angle. The one-button release feature is simple to use anytime you want to attach or detach a mobile device in seconds.

Why We Recommend Cup Holder Phone Mount:

  • It has a wide compatibility
  • Adjustable firm grip
  • Easy to attach and release device
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and cost-effective.

#1. Cellet PH600 Car Cup Holder Mount

1. Cellet PH600 Car Cup Holder Mount

  • By: Cellet Cup Holder Phone Mounts

Weighing 11.2 ounces and measuring 6.1 x 3.5 x 0.8 inches, this device is among the lightweight in the market to improve operation. You can quickly install it on any phone holder to accommodate cellphones with a maximum width of 3.5 inches. Boasting of convenient holder legs and strong sidearms, it holds your device securely in place during a bumpy ride for additional safety. Choose the best locking positions from the 14 options to get the most comfortable viewing without neck or eye strains. Made with durable plastic and an adjustable, it securely locks the cup holder.

Why We Recommend Best Cup Holder Phone Mount:

  • Intuitive quick-release button
  • Texturized and firm grip
  • Multiple locking positions
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use.

What is the best cup holder mount for phone?

The best cup holder mount for phone is compatible with youth ozone. It provides a nice holding point and also doesn’t undermine functionality and reach. A Slo, it’s easy to mount and takes minimal sill and effort. It ill be up and running within a suppertime. The right item is very stable to minimize vibration, movement’s nd the possibility of the phone falling off. It will work okay been on rough situations and also has amice signs to protect the phone’s case from dents, scratches, and other negative effects.

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Top picks are very versatile and work with different types of phones. You’ll therefore wont need to patches severely model’s. Morever, they support both horizontal. As well as serial mounting. It will fit in dofferent type SOF vents and won’t get into the easy of the sis flow. The accesory may be fitted in the air vents, uses suction cups, or magnets to provide affirm holding location.

Where can I buy WeatherTech phone cup holder?

WeatherTech is among bathe top names when it comes to the best cup holder mount for phones. And over the years it’s been blessing newer and far better products. This aims st jeering up with the ever-growing demands. And thanks s to being of yap quality, reliable, and durable, it enjoys a huge following.

The product is rowdily available in the market. However, it’s easy to fall for Phony or fake products. Also, you may lack the knowledge to identify the good from not so good. Also, you may not have the time to start reechoing or compassing the top products.

One of the goose sources for the product is Amazon. It has lost of the items and bay following a reputable review site such as this one, you are more Creston of getting good products. To on the WeatherTech phone cup holder, simply pick antsy of the above choices in this review list.

Are magnetic mounts bad for phone?

The best magnetic car mounts are not bad for your phone. In fact, modern items are becoming better and more reliable. They come in amore versatile design schist works scaly with abider range of phones. This saves you money and time since once piece woos suits may options. Also, you not need to keep remount the cuter in and fitting neither option.

Top picks come with powerful magnets that provide affirm holding points. They won’t shake too much or risk coming out even riding of rough terrains or roads. Besides, they will have a smooth finish that will ensure the surface of the phone is free of scratches, chippings, an nd nicks.

On addition to having powerful magnets, topnotch magnetic car mounts boast of tough nd heavy duty plastic which sis less likely to crack or breaks nd in the event dropping the phone. Also, they ll features a rubber materils for affirm grip on the phone.

What Features Are Important When Buying Cup Holder Phone Mount:

Construction: a phone mount must have a premium construction that can withstand excessive use. Not only during attachment but also when releasing your phone. Some designs tend to break after a short while leading to unplanned repurchase.


  • The cost of a phone cradle all depends on the user’s preferences. The newer models have more functionalities, including wide compatibility to accommodate most models of smartphones. Also, they have a user-friendly structure to ensure you have a straightforward and smooth operation without complicated details.


  • It is advisable to purchase products that don’t require too much maintenance for them to deliver the required service. Check the different units in the market to get one that has a sturdy built and needs minimal caring.


  • Most phone holders are lightweight and have just the right size to accommodate phones with different width. You can take it right out of the box and mount on a suitable place to get easy viewing.


  • For the best viewing angle, a phone cradle cones with two orientation options: vertical or horizontal. That means you can set up your cellphone at any angle that meets your needs. Also, check the flexibility of the design. Most can reach up to a 360-degree angle to give an all-round rotation.


  • You can go for a mounting unit that has a dark or vivid color. Choose one that meets your lifestyle or for additional beauty and brightness, go for a more lively one.


  • For the price of a phone car holder, it is usually inexpensive. The reason for this is that they are widely available and easily accessible by different brands. Also, to make sure most car owners and users have a safe driving even when receiving a call.


You can spend extra on the best cup holder phone mount, to increase safety during driving. It has a user-friendly structure that allows you to make a call, listen to music, and much more on the road without distractions. You don’t have to stop the driving action to perform normal phone operations. If you want one that has all the features you are looking for and meets your needs, we have the top-rated ones in our list.

1 thought on “Top 16 Best Cup Holder Phone Mounts in 2023 Reviews”

  1. #6. VABSCE Cup Holder Phone Mount

    By: VABSCE Cup Holder Phone Mounts

    The above 360-degree rotation phone mount has better safety and flexibility than others with a similar price. With a strong neck that extends up to 11 inches, give you simple adjustability in operation and accessing your cellphone. Not only for simple use but also adds safety in driving as you talk, navigate, charge, or listen to music.

    Its innovative structure is ideal for electronic components with a width from 2.01 to 3.54 inches, such as iPhone XS, 8 Plus, HTC, LG, Huawei, GPS, PSP, and many others. The worries of shakes and vibrations during a bumpy drive are a thing of the past. This accessory is well-made to lock in place as the two holding feet deliver reliable all-around protection.

    Why We Recommend It:

    Flexible and safe
    Broad compatibility
    Simple to install
    String and durable
    Reliable and inexpensive.


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