Top 10 Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Car in 2023 Reviews

Ever tried reaching the phone while driving? this was not only an inconvenience but also risky. You can have a safe and convenient driving without spending too much money. Most car owners and users prefer to use a vehicle mount because of its effectiveness and reliability.

The innovative designs have inbuilt magnets that attach firmly to a car air-vent or windshield in seconds. Not only to deliver a simple installation but also to provide a safe spot to hold your cellphone. If you are searching for one with quality construction that gives the expected results, we have done all the legwork for you. In this review, we look at the best magnetic phone holder for a car in 2023. Check Out Best Cup Holder Phone Mount


List of Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Car Reviews in 2023:

#10. UGREEN Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

10. UGREEN Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder

  • By: UGREEN Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

Ugreen phone mount provides a user-friendly operation than the rest in the market. With a smooth silica gel, the surface is suitable for preventing scratches to a device during mounting and unmounting. It has a durable extended grip that is super strong to ensure the bottom fixes straight into a wide variety of straight air vents.

This installation and sturdy base keep your smartphone safe and secure in a drive. Use this mount that has a universal design that works well for cellphones and tablets with a diagonal screen size between 3.5-5.7 inches and up to 200g weight. A bonus function is the wide 360-degree rotation that allows smooth swiveling to meet the perfect viewing angle. Also, you can set to either horizontally or vertically while navigating for safer driving actions.

Why We Recommend Magnetic Phone Holders For Car:

  • Safe and convenient
  • Super strong magnet
  • User-friendly design
  • Easy to use
  • Wide adjustable angle.

#9. TORRAS Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

9. TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount

  • By: TORRAS Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

Torras car mount is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, S8, Note 9, iPhone X, and more for better installation. For additional safety, especially in traffic regulations, this mount ensures you don’t use your hands in driving. Featuring a 360-degree rotation ball joint made of sturdy metal, it lets you swivel your smartphone to meet your display needs.

No more limitations to a fixed angle that forces you to strain your eyes or neck during operation. Constructed using premium neodymium magnets and an alloy body plus a liquid silicone interface, it is soft to touch and offers better durability.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Delivers a strong magnetism
  • Highly compatible
  • Hands-free navigation
  • Reliable and longlasting
  • Quality material.

#8. Koomus Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

8. Koomus Magnetos CD, Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

  • By: Koomus Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

Costing around xx dollars, this phone mount is a bit pricier than other models but delivers a reliable service. It has a universal design to fit most smartphone comfortably and steadily. Not only to prevent additional purchase but give you an easy setup. Still, on assembly, it uses a quick-snap mounting system that requires one hand to install.

No need for tools and other special gadgets for you to enjoy a hands-free phone operation. Another feature is a lovely black finish which never goes out of style that naturally complements the car decor. It comes in a super-thin insert plate which delivers a robust magnetic attachability for added stability.

#7. Maxboost Car Mount, [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Holder

7. Maxboost Car Mount, [2 Pack] Universal Air Vent Holder

  • By: Maxboost Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

Maxboost has a simple construction that slips easily into an air vent with a pre-installed metal plate. It is easy to remove when not in use without leaving residues like the sticky designs for you to store safely in a glove compartment. With a magnetic design, it means no clamps, gels, sticky tape, brackets or cradles to eliminates unsightly features that distract the air vent.

Plus, the structure is compatible with iPhone, HTC, Xperia, Galaxy, LG, Nokia, and all smartphones. For a versatile viewing, it features a flexible rotation that guarantees you get the comfortable position that meets your viewing and driving needs. Now, you can enjoy a safer, relaxed, and reliable drive.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Simple and travel-friendly design
  • Powerful four magnets
  • Firmly secures your smartphone
  • Compact and dependable
  • Versatile.

#6. Magnetic Phone Car Mount

6. Magnetic Phone Car Mount

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

WizGear does not disappoint in the user-friendly product it comes up with including this phone car mount. Boasting of attractive design, it fits into the back of a smartphone perfectly as the smooth surface is suitable for holding and installing a device in place. You can rotate your cellphone to the angle that meets your viewing needs, thanks to a wide swivel angle. Another thing is a sturdy base that steadily stays onto a dashboard to prevents movements and other vibrations.

It is made of premium rubber to keep your accessory safe whether driving on a bumpy road full of forceful impacts. Attaching to an air vent is simple by sticking on the surface without blocking the windshield.

Why We Recommend Magnetic Phone Holders For Car:

  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy base
  • Swivels smoothly
  • Elegant design
  • Quality rubber construction.

#5. Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

5. Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

  • By: JEBSENS Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

You can tilt and swivel easily, thanks to a 360� rotatable joint ball, that makes this item convenient when setting the perfect view. You can rotate a smartphone to get a comfortable portrait and landscape viewing.

The provided additional accessories such as two diameter magnets to secure the mount in place, rectangle magnet suitable for multiple devices, and protection films to prevent scratches to your cellphone. Use the wet wipe to clean this mount as you wipe off dirt and debris buildup. No more worries about your phone sliding and falling when changing the position. It comes with a large VHP tape that sticks firmly to a flat surface and does not leave residues when detaching.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Small and strong
  • Smoothly swivels and tilts
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Cost-effective.

#4. WizGear​ Magnetic​​​ Cell Phone Holders For Car

4. Magnetic Mount, WizGear Cell Phone Mount

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Holders For Car
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We understand some phone holders block the windshield and air vent, causing distortions in your driving. For this one, it has an innovative structure that does not interfere with the air vent or windshield to give you a safe operation. Made from premium materials, it can withstand even the toughest pressures to enhance durability.

Also, it guarantees an easier setup than other brands by sticking onto the suitable location. The strong rubber base offers functional and beauty aspects. It improves the overall unit’s design and at the same time holds the mount in a steady position whether there are excessive impacts or vibrations on the road.

Why We Recommend It:

  • Does not block the car air vent
  • Has a sturdy base
  • High-quality construction
  • Perfect gift
  • Simple to install.

#3. Magnetic Cell Phone Holder for Car

3. Cell Phone Holder for Car

  • By: JEBSENS Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

If you want a car phone holder with a compact size, stop searching. The Jensens boast of a slim-profile to prevent occupying too much space for you to have a comfortable view without distracting grips and arms. Insert this mount into your vehicle air vent to avoid blocking the windshield. With high compatibility, this accessory works with most smartphones to give you an easy setup.

The 360-degree rotation is an excellent addition to allow you to set the perfect viewing angle that meets your needs. The included two anti-scratch films ensure your cellphone is free from scratches and other undesirables cause during mounting and driving on an uneven surface.

Why We Recommend Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Car:

  • Comes with two anti-scratch film
  • Compact and chic-looking
  • Wide 360-degree rotation
  • Clean and functional design
  • Powerful magnetism.

#2. WizGear Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

WizGear Best Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

This is another holder by WizGear that adds appeal to its surroundings, including car vent. It has a lovely black finish which coordinates with most accessories and requires minimal to zero maintenance. Using modern Swift-Snap technology, it is suitable for mini tablets and smartphones to hold them in a steady position.

The reinforced magnet inside comes in handy to produce an extreme force of attraction to accommodate most devices such as Blackberry, Android, and also Microsoft devices. Operating this mount is a breeze as you attach to your car vent. Not only that, it has a durable rubber bottom to prevent slips and vibrations in driving.

Why We Recommend Best Magnetic Phone Holders For Car:

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile design
  • Rotates smoothly to a suitable angle
  • Affordable and firm
  • Lovely black finish.

#1. WizGear Magnetic Phone Holder For Car

1. Magnetic Mount, WizGear Phone Holder

  • By: WizGear Magnetic Phone Holders For Car

Using the WizGear gives you a stronger magnetism than the rest in the market. Featuring a sturdy rubber base and high-performing magnetic head, it is suitable for holding even the bulkiest phones steadily such as iPhone 6 Plus. The bottom has an excellent texture to minimize impacts and vibrations during a bumpy drive.

This item rotates your cellphone to the angle that delivers a comfortable view as the base remains in a stationary point into the car mount. We like the complimentary style of the mount with a smooth surface to prevent scratches to your smartphone. It is easy to set up and takes seconds for the interior decor to look stylish and functional.

What Features Are Important When Buying Magnetic Phone Holder for Car:

A magnetic phone car mount ensures you have a comfortable and safe driving. The newer designs have a strong magnetism that sticks on an air vent or windshield firmly. We know the many models can make choosing the right one stressful task. That’s why we have the following features that play a role in the overall performance.

Universal Design:

  • The construction of the mount will either allow you to connect different phones or specific models. Check the one that has a universal structure that can accommodate different cellphones with varying shapes, sizes, and weight.

Installation: attaching the holder to your car air vent or windshield should take less than a minute. Some mounts require a single hand to snap the unit in position. If you prefer one that does not block the dashboard, air vent or windshield, ensure it is free from arms and other elements.


  • Most car phone mounts are made of plastic and rubber. The main reason is that they deliver a scratch-free and reliable service. Most metals tend to be too hard during installation and might cause dents after detachment. Other designs allow you to set up to your preferred mounting style, either using adhesive tape, screws or anchors. It all depends on the user’s preferences.


  • The bottom of the mount is usually made of rubber or other material that can withstand high impacts. It reduces vibrations during a bumpy drive, especially on uneven roads. This makes it stand out from the others that have less resistance to shakes. Also, the base is firm enough to offer maximum stability to keep your smartphone steadily from the on start to the end of the journey.

Hands-free Technology:

  • Using a phone cradle lets you have a hands-free operation. You don’t have to navigate the different settings manually to enhance safer driving. Also, you can concentrate more on the road and still have secure communication with your friends and loved ones using your cell.


  • The stronger the magnets, the steadier your device stays in place. The high force of attraction ensures there is zero slips and falls to keep your smartphone intact. You don’t have to worry about scratches and constant repositioning of the setup.


You can improve your driving by using the best magnetic phone holder for the car. It is an inexpensive gadget that gives you a reliable service. Some people prefer brighter colors such as red, pink, or yellow, to adds beauty in the car space. Others go for more bolder shades such as black and brown that deliver a simple attractiveness.

If you want a phone mount that will give you value for your money, pick one from our list. Read through the various features and get more information before settling on a specific model that meets your style and needs.

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